Wednesday, May 3, 2017

EEST - The Westin Gurgaon, Sector 29, Gurgaon

Asian cuisine is all about balance, the intricate line that seems to be the flavour equilibrium between salty, sweet and sour. It’s that balance that hits the right spot and manages to ensnare the diners with feel good taste of quintessential Asian flavours. Although Gurgaon is crammed with a plethora of Asian bistros and restaurants, if you are looking for authenticity and brilliance go to The Westin for its fancy Asian dining room ‘EEST’. The restaurant seems to have the right idea where flawless dining is concerned. The experience is glorious, gastronomically EEST gives its patrons a mind-blowing menu and a chance to enjoy it in a very sophisticated and glamourous atmosphere. The service, as expected of a five star establishment is prompt and attentive. You are treated like a royalty and your every whim is their command. Go to EEST for an experience of a life time.

The beauty of EEST lies not only in its stunning ambience but its spectacular menu itself that tackles Chinese, Japanese, Thai and Korean cuisines beautifully. Unlike other five star kitchens, EEST handles its execution differently. Each cuisine is handled under the mantle of a speciality chef, who brings his own mark to his cuisine elevating it into something sensational. Dim sum lovers like to dedicate their first course entirely to these succulent parcels, which some claim to be the best in town. For a more conventional first course go with, laab kai, hot Thai chicken, yakitori, ebi tempura, sashimi, crispy fried vegetable, stir fried lamb with chilli and oyster sauce, miso soup, deep fried sole fish and seaweed salad. Second course entails dishes like, tofu steak with sautéed vegetables, tenderloin in black pepper sauce, sweet & sour pork, string beans with black bean and mapo tofu with minced pork.

EEST believes in luxurious dining and gives exactly that to its patrons. Their interiors are kept on the minimalistic side with an edgy contemporary look to it. A dimly lit room with various nooks and corners forming into secluded alcoves beckons the diners with a sense of privacy and intimacy. Try to sit beside the windows that gives quite a wonderful view of the pool or ask to be seated next to the wall of flavoured oils. EEST is elegant, stylish, modern and very upscale in appearance. It may cost you a bit but the evening will be worth it.