Saturday, April 1, 2017

Places To Visit In Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi

Hauz Khas Village Overview

Well known in medieval times, the Hauz Khas village has wonderful buildings designed round the reservoir. There area unit remnants of monotheism design roughly coloured by splotches of urban culture. the present standing of the village additionally retains not solely the recent charm of the place however has increased its aesthetic charm through the well-maintained inexperienced parks all around with walkways, and also the urbane refurbished upmarket  and far-out places of interest that have togged up the recent Mughal living structures.

Hauz Khas may be a well-frequented party place for nightlife seekers in Old Delhi. it's dotted with several multi-cuisine cafes, pubs and restaurants. Hauz Khas pubs area unit acknowledged for his or her sensible crowd, happening spirit and nice ambiance. with the exception of visiting theme primarily based cafes, one will take a heat walk at the ruminant park, that is within the middle of the village.

How to Reach Hauz Khas Village

Nearest stop is Hauz Khas at Aurobindo Marg. Nearest railroad station is Hauz Khas on yellow line. Cabs area unit obtainable from all points within the town.

The Hauz Khas advanced

The Hauz Khas advanced is replete with a storage tank, AN monotheism institution, a mosque, a topographic point and also the semi-urbanized village of Hauz Khas. The words Hauz Khas in Farsi, mean Royal Tank. The Hauz Khas Lake was 1st designed by Allauddin Khalji, then remade by Feroze monarch Tughlaq.

Party Places in Hauz Khas Village

With AN uncountable variety of hip, up and coming back pubs dotting the total space of Hauz Khas, it's visited oftentimes by many kids each single day. Not a weekend goes by once Hauz Khas is quiet. The Mughal village of yore has been regenerate into a haven for partygoers of Old Delhi.