Saturday, July 23, 2011

Indira Gandhi Memorial Museum

Indira Gandhi Memorial Museum was the residence of former Prime Minister of India, Indira Gandhi. It's where his bodyguard was killed on October 31, 1984. That later became a museum after his assassination. Indira Gandhi Memorial Museum preserves their personal belongings very well, and so, they run out of life with only their presentation. One can see the sari she wore when she was killed, a collection of unpublished photographs of the nationalist movement, personal moments of the Nehru-Gandhi family and childhood photographs with the Mahatma.

The museum also houses burned clothing Indira Gandhi's son Rajeev Gandhi, who was at the time of his murder. He was also a former prime ministers of India. You can also view some of the rare photographs clicked, which represents the happy moments of his life. As you reach the gardens outside the museum, you can see the place where Indira Gandhi was assassinated in reality and fell. Dried blood spots can be seen enclosed in a glass frame in the same place. Do not miss the last writings of the lady, hung at the entrance. Which portrays the love of the leader of the nation and compatriots. Revealing their spirit and sense of service to the country, despite the threat to his life.