Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Jama Masjid Delhi

Jama Masjid Overview

Shah Jahan’s last fine arts extravagance, the Jama house of prayer towers over urban center and is India’s largest house of prayer. Commissioned by Emperor in 1650 the house of prayer took six years to be made and was completed in 1656. the large grounds of the Jama house of prayer will interference to twenty 5 thousand worshippers and homes several attention-grabbing relics, together with AN ancient copy of the Koran inscribed on cervid skin.

The main prayer hall of the Jama house of prayer is screw-topped with 3 white bulbous domes and also the entrance is adorned with high rising arches that cowl the mihrab (an niche within the wall that indicates the direction of prayer). A pool within the centre of the house of prayer is employed by the devoted for ablutions before prayer.

The Jama house of prayer is flanked by slim red and white minarets on all four sides that reach high into the sky. within the north east corner of the house of prayer could be a little shrine that homes relics of Prophet Muhammad, like a red hair from his beard, his sandals and his footprint imprinted on a marble block.

Jama Masjid Opening and Closing Time
Summer: Morning 7 AM to Evening Before Sunset
Winter: Morning 8 AM to Evening Before Sunset

Jama Masjid Entrance Fee

Jama Masjid Entry is Free and Open for all. If you have camera you have to pay for 200 then you allow your camera. Please remember to dress modestly while visiting the Jama Masjid, no shorts, short skirts or sleeveless tops are allowed. Visitors and worshippers are required to remove their shoes at the entrance.