Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Stone Railing (Akshardham Temle)

Stone Railing

To prevent people, especially children and the aged, from falling down the second base, Narayan Peethika, Swamishri instructed that an ornate stone railing be set up all around the edges.

Parikrama (Colonnade) Design

Another issue that cropped up was the design of the parikrama. In the first design the entire parikrama was topped with a continuous stone roof without shikhars. A sample was set up at the workshop in Pindvada. After a few changes everyone consented to the design. But when photographs of the sample were shown to B.V Chaudhary for its structural design, he advised, “The structure is a top-heavy structure and is not suitable at all. Another design will have to be thought of.”

Even after several discussions, no solution was available. Once, after a discussion in Delhi, everyone prayed and left. Then surprisingly the next day, the same solution flashed in the minds of ishwarcharan Swami and Shrijiswarup Swami, Harshadbhai Chavda, engineer ashwinbhai and Shri chaudhary in New Delhi. The Solution was to have a series of samvarans at regular intervals. A design was made end everyone felt it was appropriate and beautiful. B.V. Chaudhary remarked, “This is the result of divine inspiration.”

Today, the appearance and beauty of 155 samvarans on the parikrama bear witness to that.

Yogihriday Kamal

The Design of the eight-petalled lotus of inspiration below ground level would require the visitors to descend and ascend steps. With regards to the visitors having become fatigued by walking three to four hours around the complex, Swamishri asked whether people could see it from the top. And so the top pathway was designed for the visitors’ comfort. Those wishing to see the quotes in details would be allowed to descend.