Tuesday, July 19, 2011

National Science Centre

National Science Centre Museum is located in Pragati Maidan area of ​​New Delhi. Designed especially for children, the National Science Center Museum has a large collection of working science models to educate children about the scientific facts. This is a Government initiative to tell the kids how things work and arouse their curiosity to know more. A visit to this museum can be educational and recreational, at the same time. The National Science Center Museum in New Delhi is one of the largest science centers in India. It was developed in order to make science interesting and exciting for students.

There are a number of galleries in the museum, based on different themes and containing composite sample. The exhibition at the museum is based on several theories and laws of science. Children can understand the nitty-gritty of science by demonstrating in practice. The models on display in the gallery of human biology are very interesting. The most popular place in the museum's "Gallery of Dinosaurs is' the animals of the Mesozoic era. Children hover around this place in large numbers. Other displays here, reporting on India's contribution to science and mathematics, about Nobel Prize winners and prominent natives of the area.