Friday, July 9, 2010

Cathedral Church of the Redemption, Cathedral Church of the Redemption New Delhi

Located east of Parliament House in New Delhi, the Cathedral Church of Redemption was built in eight years and was completed in 1935. It was designed by architect Henry Medd. Lord Irwin, the then viceroy, was so impressed with its high vaulted arches and subtle curves that became known as "Viceroy Church. Later, when the Viceroy escaped a near-fatal accident in 1929 when an attempt was made to blow up the train, which presented the picture in the east end and a silver cross to the church as a gesture of thanksgiving to God for saving his life.

The linear plain exterior of the church are in contrast with the high rounded arches inside. The church's spiritual aura is reinforced by the light coming through the windows of a crescent and a group of angels who look down from the curved roof over the altar. regular mass takes place at the Cathedral Church of Redemption on Sunday mornings. Apart from this, the cathedral also hosts concerts, religious festivals like Christmas and Easter. It also maintains a staff choir, called the Capital City Minstrels. You can pick these concerts of choral music and carol singing at times and religious holidays.