Monday, April 8, 2013

Self-Guided Tour of Lotus Temple Delh (The Bhai House of Worship)

Self Guided Tour of The Bhai House of Worship New Delhi

When you gain the House of Worship, you'll 1st visit the temple itself.  On the trail to the House of Worship, there's a shoe space.  Please deposit your shoes there.

After this you'll proceed to travel up to the most entrance and enter the Prayer Hall, that may be a place for silent prayer and meditation for individuals of all spiritual backgrounds.

After exiting the Prayer Hall you’ll meet volunteers providing you with leaflets containing info regarding the Bahá’í religion and also the House of Worship, these square measure obtainable in numerous Indian and foreign languages.

You may additionally raise the volunteers questions on the Bahá’í religion and also the temple and collect a free pass for our info Centre.

Afterwards you're welcome to go to our Library downstairs, have a glance at the exhibition or collect your shoes once more and attend the data Centre.

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